Sunday, February 9, 2014

#OOTD Illustrated [Week 1]

I'm trying out something new here, to keep my head buried in my sketchbook. You have to work hard for your dreams, right?

So I've decided to illustrate what keeps me awake at night – choosing and styling my outfit for the next day!

Some illustrations look a little wonky, I must admit, because I'm not allowing myself a "practice draw" – only one chance, pen straight onto paper. Keeping the pressure on, baby!

Week 1 is now out of the way, and I'm upping the game starting Week 2 – I will include photos of myself in the respective outfits as comparison, so more details will have to go into each illustration to make them look as close to real life as possible! No cheating, no easy way out!

Whoops, wonky heels! Not allowing myself a "practice draw" – only one chance, pen straight onto paper!

Platform wedges are the bomb! Extra height without forgoing comfort!
Lace and spikes, my favourite combo!

Yay to crop top and maxi skirts! Oh and spikes too, of course.

My go-to tribal-inspired necklace will be making many appearances, just you wait and see!

Mall outfit on a relaxed Saturday.

Bar outfit for a friend's birthday drinks!

Loving my new necklace, a traditional Burmese Shan design from my man's recent travel to Myanmar.

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