Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Creature A Day: NOW IN BRAZIL!

Early last year, I was contacted by friendly Ricardo from Casa Barcelona, a branding consultancy and innovation agency in São Paulo, Brazil.

He was after one thing (okay, maybe a few things) I had – my creatures from the 'A Creature A Day' project!

They were working on rebranding a popular beverage in Brazil, a one-of-a-kind soybean drink infused with fruit juices. This drink originated in the 70's from Japanese immigrants in Brazil, who were the first to come up with this unique recipe, earning them global recognition.

The team at Casa Barcelona thought that my creatures were perfect for the rebrand, so I was very fortunate to be able to work with them from across the globe!

We handpicked and shortlisted a few creatures that would suit the different flavours, and it came down to these three. Mr. 23 would now be known as Grape, Mr. 38 would be Strawberry, and Mr. 59, Apple.

Character development of Mr. 23 a.k.a. Grape

Character development of Mr. 38 a.k.a. Strawberry

Character development of Mr. 59 a.k.a. Apple

Once I sent these little fellows off to Brazil, Ricardo and his team worked hard to make it all happen.

Are you ready for the end result?

Introducing, the new Mupy Ykons Zetto!

"Zetto means zero in Japanese, as the product has no added sugar. Ykons refers to the new innovative, long-life packaging."

This product was launched on the 26th October, 2013. Here are some photos of the launch, taken from the Mupy Facebook Group!

Mr. 38 as a balloon!

Hats off to the wonderful team at Casa Barcelona, and all the blood, sweat and tears they have put into this project! And of course, the Mupy brand, without which, my creatures would never have ended up on supermarket shelves in their lifetime!

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