Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lovestock & Leaf

"Lovestock & Leaf is an internet development company based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We specialize in the customization and integration of cloud-based services across all internet mediums, from desktop and server to the multitude of new mobile devices."

I worked with Lovestock & Leaf as a graphic designer for about 8 months, which was good fun! It was great to be around the VERY small team, and was (still am) really thankful that they took me in when I was just a mere clueless student!

One project I worked on during my time there was rebuilding their website. They wanted something warmer, friendlier, and less 'corporate', so tadaa!

My contributions include personalised illustration and icons done from scratch.



AdamTam said...

i love it! yr designs are so iconic to your style :) the website does look hella friendly

Yunyeen said...

Nawwwww thanks Adam!! How are you, we miss you here!

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