Monday, July 9, 2012

A Short Update!

I know, I know. I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time now. But hey I have a really good excuse - I finally landed a full-time graphic design job! I'm absolutely loving every single moment of it.

Another update - I'm no longer blonde too. It was entirely my choice but I'm still having mixed feelings about it, though. I do miss it at times, but urgh the maintenance was unbelievable! The regrowth bugged me to death, and I was always paranoid that my hair was turning yellow and ugly. But anyway, I loved it while it lasted! (And will let my blog header stay in memory of my blonde days.)

So till my next blog post, take care, everyone!


AdamTam said...

AH! Congratulations on your new graphics design job!! I feel so disconnected now that I'm so far away, but I'm glad you update your blog from time to time. Naw, blonde yeen will be missed!

Speaking of graphic design, my company is actually looking for an in-house graphic designer. Thought I'd ask you if you knew anyone in KL who might be currently looking for a job?

Yunyeen said...

Thanks Adam! Congrats to you on your new job too! I'm sure it's very exciting for you!

I might have a few contacts, send me the details and I can share it on Facebook if you like?

Gwenda Shim said...


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