Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Library Tuesdays : Aliens Love Underpants

I am hereby declaring the birth of Library Tuesdays! It's a day where you are all invited into my humble little library - a collection of books that inspire me, and books that I love!

Before I start, I'll have to warn you, the books that I collect might seem a little different to what you're probably expecting from a typical 22-year-old. So be warned. ;)

The first book I'd like to share is:

Aliens Love Underpants
by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort
(2007, UK)

This is one of my favourites in my collection so far. I love that it's so cheeky, plus the entire book rhymes too! It's about how these aliens don't come down to Earth to meet humans, they come for our underwear instead!

I love the details in this book, in terms of illustration and imagery. You can tell that the authors / illustrators had fun with them - just look at the magazine he's reading, and all the bumper stickers on the spaceship!

The illustration is absolutely flawless too. Just like all the other books in my collection, I can just stare at each page for hours and still be mesmerised by each stroke and detail!

I can't wait for Tuesdays now to share MORE of them with you!

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Anonymous said...

May I print it out? I can't wait for Tuesdays now to see more of your books for children! Hope that these books will also be brightly illustrated!
Kindest regards,