Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Creature A Day: A Reflection

Hey guys!

I know I've been MIA lately, and I'm really sorry for that!

You deserve an explanation, but before that, I'd just like to thank everyone who has been reading and following my blog and creatures. I really appreciate all the likes, suggestions and comments - you have no idea how overwhelmed and grateful I feel to have all the support I have had the entire time!

Unfortunately, I have made a decision to end this project.

I am aware that I fell short of my goal and promise. I have only 54 creatures to go till I reach my target, so why stop now, you ask? Well there are several reasons, or lessons, if I may, that I learned during this journey.

At first, it started of as something truly enjoyable. I guess that was the honeymoon period. I couldn't wait to come up with new creatures - I was sketching day and night. I was inspired by ANYTHING I laid my eyes on, and I was ever so diligent.

As days became weeks, it gradually felt like a chore. I would be cooped up in the room drawing creatures, even when I had friends over! My weekends were spent coming up with creature ideas. I got annoyed with everything and everyone until a creature for the day was completed. Truth be told, I think I also irritated people around me. You have no idea how many arguments I've started because of this! Yes, I became a lifeless, grumpy person.

That was the reason I decided to take weekend breaks. But even then, this project was slowly taking over my life. And I'm one to believe that we should never, ever take on anything that makes us unhappy.

Then the weekend breaks became a week's break, which ended up as six week break, and it all went downhill from there. I was finally enjoying my "freedom"! I didn't have anything to worry about, I didn't have 24 hour deadlines - the large, grey cloud above me finally cleared up.

Believe me, I've tried pushing myself to complete this project. I even tried using different drawing and painting techniques to liven things up, but the more I pushed, the worst I felt about this project.

Perhaps I was being too ambitious at the beginning? Perhaps I didn't have enough discipline to follow through with what I've set to do? Whatever it is, I've learned lessons that I would have never learned if it wasn't for this project. On the other hand, I'm also rather proud that I was able to produce 71 imaginary creatures from scratch - something I wouldn't have thought I could achieve before this.

Here are a few things I've learned:

1. Quality takes time.

I kept churning out creature after creature, most of the time without a thought. I was always rushing to complete them because I had limited time, on top of everything else I had. The outcome was drawing standards that I would otherwise have never allowed myself to produce.

2. Too much of something is definitely not a good thing.

I can be your living proof when it comes to this saying. I know it wasn't obvious that this project was killing me - I tried to sound as chirpy as I possibly could in my posts. I mean, Creatureville is meant to be a pleasant place, right? I think I digressed a little, but you get my point.

3. Stop if it makes you unhappy.

Life's short, so why spend it doing things that make you unhappy? It will only cause unnecessary negativity!

All in all, I think this project served its purpose. It didn't end up as I imagined it to be, but I managed to get the most out of it. I hope all you readers and followers will understand where I'm coming from, and I apologise if I've let you down! I promise I'll deliver better the next time around!

Oh my, this has become a lengthy post. I hope you're still reading!

Till the next time, take care and be well :)




AdamTam said...

Hi Yeen, i understand your frustration but respect your diligence! I was and will always be a fan of your work, and I hope just because you've called quits on this project doesn't mean you won't allow yourself to upload new stuff when your inspired!

Im sure everyone who visits yr blog will be happy for me to say that we love your work and don't want anything to discourage you from keeping your head up!

God bless you Yeen :)

Yunyeen said...

Awww Adam! :') You always know what to say!

Thanks so much for being my no.1 fan, and for sharing my works countless times! :D

Don't worry, I'll still be updating this blog with new stuff whenever I can!


Tish said...

Hi yeen,

Stumbled upon this today and read through your post.

First of all, I want to commend you on your hard work that you have put into this. You have really achieved something here and I am sure it has progressed you as an illustrator and designer as well.

Secondly, congratulations for creating 70+ creatures. It would amazing for u to archive these and pop them into a little indesign spread so that I can share around to friends and family!!

Hope to see you real soon Hun and fantastic work btw, really appreciate how much u have put in to this and the results are simply amazing.


Yunyeen said...

Thanks so much for your support, Tish! <3

Stephanie said...

Heya :) u should make a small magazine with all of the creatures (along with their story)and sell it! I'd buy one! Or take your idea to an agency and see if they would publish it or something! xx