Monday, January 9, 2012

A Creature A Day : Day 70

Helloo guys!

Hope each of you had a merry, merry Christmas and also had a wonderful time ushering in the new year.

First and foremost, I want to apologise for the massive, massive delay. I admit, I wasn't the most disciplined person and was carried away with all the free time I had. Plus, the festive season arrived... I know, no excuses for me! Forgive me, guys? :)

Secondly, I've been reflecting on my past works and progress, and I've decided that I need to grow! Truth be told, I always thought my drawing style was too childish, and also really amateurish! But back then I never really bothered trying to improve myself.

So over the break, I explored and experimented with other styles that I've always admired, namely watercolour styles and effects. It took me countless tutorials and videos, alot of experimenting and frustration, but I think I'm slowly getting there and moving towards more "mature" pieces.

Without further ado, here's Mr. 70 to welcome you back!
No, that's not his face on his stomach! Mr. 70 just has a protruding forehead! Legend has it that Mr. 70 has a brain five times the size of a regular brain, and it's resting comfortably in his skull. Some nicknamed him 'flowerhorn', but that doesn't bother Mr. 70 at all! This is him striding proudly with his (fore)head held high!

So, what do you think, guys? Yay or nay? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this! Of course, this is still a work in progress. I'm trying to maintain and incorporate my personal style as well, i.e. clean, crisp lines and strokes, bright colours, clean background.

Here's to a great new year, with big things to come! Cheers!



Ephraim Ritikos said...

sounds like someone i know

AdamTam said...

*thumbs up* glad your back yeen! :D ive missed creatureville. and an amazing illustration for your return! this stylized watercolor does add a new dimension to art :):)

o.O said...

interesting :)
like the watercolour effect but am thinking maybe the face part can be cleaner look. LOL
yeenie... u still around right?


we haven't gossiped properly. bwahaha.

Stephanie said...

oo I like this new style of yours!

Yunyeen said...

thanks guys! :)