Friday, October 14, 2011

A Creature A Day : Day 41

Wait, what's that on Mr. 41's face?
Is it a safety mask? A scuba-diving headgear? Or goggles?

Here's the correct answer: It's a magnifying glass! Did anyone guess that?

This is what Mr. 41 looks like without them on:
Yup, he has really, really, REALLY tiny facial features. Sometimes it's too hard to tell what his expressions are!

That's the reason why he made the magnifying glass - so that his friends no longer have to squint while they're talking to him!



AdamTam said...

awesome! hv u heard of eph's costume attempt for tish's birthday? :D

Yunyeen said...

LOL yes I have! Was trying to help him figure out which creature was the easiest to copy, but most of them need alot of effort!

AdamTam said...

im pretty sure there are some simpler ones u can find in your range of 40+ creatures!! :D