Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Creature A Day : Day 38

Okay, before I introduce Mr. 38, I'd like to publicly (and shamelessly) give myself a giant pat on the back for pulling through a 31-hour day! *bravo, bravo*

So, after
1 meeting with a tutor
1 lecture
2 group meetings
1 catch up session
1 6 a.m. film shoot
1 shoe browsing session (that was necessary!)
3 Redbulls
and lots and lots and lots of work in between..

I am finally in bed!

(Felt like I had to blog about that. If I don't, then it didn't happen, right? Haha.)

So anywayyy, meet Mr. 38.
He's red in colour, but only on Mondays!

You see, he sheds his skin every single day.
That's not all though. His skin also changes colour each time he sheds, according to the colours of the rainbow! This is how he looks like every Monday night!
And on Tuesday nights...
Wednesday nights...
Thursday nights...
Friday nights...
Saturday nights...
And last but not least, Sunday nights!

The cycle repeats each week, and this is a nutshell of how he looks like, every single day in his life!


AdamTam said...

oh man, after a long day last night (prolly not as long as yrs!!), coming home and reading your post on tish's ipad was an amazing way to end the night. both tish n i were so ecstatic scrolling through this post, we scrolled up and down like 10x (I kid u not!) ur a legend yeen :)

Yunyeen said...

woww really?? awwwwwwww thanks adam (and tish)! you guys never fail to make me feel so loved! :')