Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Creature A Day : Day 10

We're ten days into this project! Another 115 days to go! Truth be told, it's WAY harder than I expected it to be - there's never enough time! Especially now that I have more things on my little plate.

But I'm no quitter and I'm really trying my best to churn out creature after creature, day after day! So please still love me even if some of my creatures are not up to par! Please? :)

Anyway, #10 was drawn (and coloured) in a food court while I was waiting for a dinner appointment. (Told ya, I'm really trying to stuff as much as I can in 24 hours!) Hope you'll like him!

Creature #10 is the most up-to-date guy in Creatureville.

Some call him the smartest, others think he can be quite boring at times.

He loves keeping up with the latest news - world news, sports updates, and even weather forecasts!

His ability to connect to four TV channels and two radio stations at the same time keeps him really occupied!


AdamTam said...

haha great job on keeping on schedule! i suspected it would get harder as time goes on. but i will always support you!! :D

Yunyeen said...

aww thanks adam!! there's too many things going on right now (ie, melbourne)! haha but yes i WILL soldier on :D