Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of Being Partially Blind

I've been wearing glasses since I was nine, believe it or not. Needless to say, my eyesight continued to deteriorate over the years, and the power of my current spectacles and contact lenses (from now on known as specs-a-lenses) sits at 700 and 800 for my right and left eye respectively!

That said, I can NEVER live without my specs-a-lenses. And so, guys and girls, an idea hit me while I was reaching for my glasses in the morning (I guess it's true - the weirdest ideas come to you when you least expect them), and I had to do this!

Without specs-a-lenses, I can't see or differentiate textures. I can't see solid outlines or distinct shapes. Though, fortunately, I can still see the correct colours, everything blends in with one another - everything becomes a blur, everything becomes flat.

I'm sure those who rely on specs-a-lenses know what I mean. But for those who have been blessed with perfect vision, here's something to experience!

With specs-a-lenses: A bowl of milk and Coco Pops for breakfast.

Without specs-a-lenses: A bowl of brown stuff with white specks for breakfast.

With specs-a-lenses: Ham, egg and cheese sandwich for lunch.

Without specs-a-lenses: Something square with brown edges, and pink and yellow circular stuff for lunch.

With specs-a-lenses: A green 'pandan' sponge cake with cream layers for dessert.

Without specs-a-lenses: A green cake with one (or maybe two?) strips of yellow stuff for dessert. And wait, is that a layer of chocolate on top?

With specs-a-lenses: A cereal bar as a snack.

Without specs-a-lenses: Something rectangular with brown and white spots, in something really shiny as a snack. Yikes, there's a trail of ants on it - better throw it out.

Yup, it's that bad. Unless, of course, I look at it really, really, really, RIDICULOUSLY up close.

I hereby dedicate this blog post to each and every pair of specs-a-lenses I've worn and torn. 
They have served me well.

*All images 'without specs-a-lenses' were digitally drawn on Photoshop with a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

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Tish said...

Hahaha I love this post babe! :D