Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Is Adam

This is Adam in RGB.
And this is Adam in watercolour.
Unlike all my imaginary creatures, Adam is in fact, real.

There is nothing Adam can't do. He is a blogger. He is a web designer. He is a musician. He is a gamer. He is an IT nerd. He has a beard. And at one point of his life, he was a Pokemaster.

This is Adam (and Gwenda = Just For Kicks!) on YouTube.

I love love love love love this video, I don't know how many views I've contributed to it already!

Last but not least, this is Adam, online.

1 comment:

AdamTam said...

"...And at one point of his life, he was a Pokemaster"

HAHA, that cracked me up!! Thanks again Yeen :)