Friday, July 15, 2011

Mister Mode

Mister Mode is borne from Melbourne’s youth culture and the simple love of fashion. It all started when three girls were handed an open brief in the final semester of their Creative Advertising degree. The open brief allowed them to create a free-form project, and the girls decided, “Why not create a real-life project involving tangible, visual experiences that excite and entice the senses than just 2935 hours of ink on paper?’
Source: Mister Mode

That was last year, and this year Mister Mode, the legendary fashion night market, is back again!

I landed the opportunity to help Tish Tambakau (one of the founders of Mister Mode, and one of the most capable people in my age group that I've ever met!) with her business cards for Mister Mode.

So glad they turned out exactly as how we imagined them to be! :)

And now, I'd like to share my own little experience of last year's Mister Mode!

*Clears throat*

So there was this cute guy I had the biggest crush on for the longest time ever. He invited me to a friend's event, a vintage night market called Mister Mode. To be honest, I would've said yes even if he invited me on a sewage tour (if they even exist)! Hee hee.

Anyway, we were there early because he wanted to help out. So I watched as stallholders arrived with bags and bags (and even suitcases!) of goodies. I knew then that I was going to find some treasures!

Once the event started, *BAM* the warehouse was packed with people digging for gold!

Here's something I got (actually, said cute guy bought it for me!) from last year's Mister Mode, and I'd like to stress that I STILL wear and heart it until today:

Disclaimer: I know this isn't the best image but (1) I can never do photography and (2) I don't have a decent camera with me and since I have access to a scanner, I had to compromise!

Every single time I wear this hand-painted wooden necklace, I notice that people on the streets do a double take (and I will do a fist pump in my head)! And if I got a dollar for every single time someone random compliments it, I'd be filthy rich by now!

I usually wear this necklace when I'm wearing something boring (or dark, dull colours) just to give my outfit some life.

So see what gems (at bargain prices!) you'll be able to find at Mister Mode? If I were you I wouldn't miss this opportunity! I'll even be flying interstate to attend this year's Mister Mode! This year's Mister Mode will be happening on the 3rd of September. Save the date, guys!

Head over to Mister Mode for further information and to read other Mister Mode related blog posts. And while you're there, let Tish know that her business cards look amazing! ;)

All images except my wooden necklace belong to Mister Mode.
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AdamTam said...

Awesome post Yeen! Can't wait for the event ;)

Gwenda said...

HAHAHAAH THIS NECKLACE WAS MOOGZ'S! my gosh i remember the entire thing like it was yesterday

Yunyeen said...

HAHA yes gwenda it was his!