Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Endless Possibilities

I have to share this stop motion video I came across today. It's about 3 years old now, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon it - better late than never, right?

What I love about this video is the way they pushed the boundaries of mundane, daily activities. They turned something as simple as preparing spaghetti into something so, SO out of this world! I can watch this video over and over and OVER again in awe!

Rubix cube as garlic! Post-its as butter! A kaleidoscope as a pepper shaker, and glitter as pepper!

My mind went WILD when I watched the video for the first time - EVERYTHING CAN BE ANYTHING!! SO INSPIRING! So amazing! Oh my god! The possibilities are endless!


o.O said...

very interesting.
tho i dunno about pin cushion bein squashed as tomato paste i'm like... what if there are still pins inside?
and what sharp pointy thingy did they use as spaghetti.


obviously, i'm a bit screwy. since i can take post-it as butter. my suspension of belief not working all the way. hahahahahahahahah!

Yunyeen said...


AdamTam said...

omg i remember watching this vid 2 years ago!! thanks for the share again, the artistic concept is mindblowing, isnt it!! :D

Yunyeen said...

This is how outdated I am! Haha and yes it was mind boggling!!