Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creatures Beyond The Yonder

Okay, so sometimes I get a little stuck and uninspired, and days would seem "dry", in terms of ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Fortunately, for me, I have a wise young man to help pry my eyes open, drag me back into reality, and shove me in the right direction.

He suggested "freeing" myself by experimenting with something completely different, something COMPLETELY opposite of what I've been doing so far.


First, I put together a few imaginary creatures, all WITHOUT a second thought. There was no planning, no considering, no initial rough sketches, nothing. Something different for a perfectionist who lives for perfect, solid lines!

Next, choosing a medium. I went for something at the bottom of my list, something I would NEVER choose unless I had to. Watercolour it is.

And lastly, being a perfectionist, I ALWAYS colour WITHIN the lines, ever since I started with colouring books as a kid! So, mind you, this is a very big step for me!

Anyway, lo and behold, here are the Creatures Beyond The Yonder!

I call him the Crocolephant. He's big, mighty and orange, and exhales violet flames. His hands are his feet, and his feet are his hands. Call him fat or pregnant and you'll be crushed!

Meet Garden Angel, the guardian angel (haha, get it?) who often gets mistaken for a potato. She meditates during her free time, when garden pests are sound asleep.

And, my favourtie, Prince Blue Weirdo. He has leafy wings that doesn't work, so he travels by swinging from branch to branch. He's deaf, because you see, his ears are in fact his arms!

This was a great experiment, I'm happy with the outcome and I'm actually thinking of doing more artworks in this style.

I had so much fun, and I recommend going the complete opposite direction if any of you ever feel uninspired (and I'm sure this does not only apply to art/design). I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

And to that wise young man, thank you. :)


o.O said...

they look like something out of a children's book.
interesting. but erm. crocolephant't tummy looks like... a boob. haha. *cough cough*

AdamTam said...

the colors are stunning! absolutely love the illustrations!! :D

Anonymous said...

thumbs up! it just keep getting better