Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google Doodles: My Rendition

This blog post is solely dedicated to Google Doodles!

I'm sure that all you internet users have come across the occasional "pimped up" (some are even animated!) version of the Google logo every now and then, especially during events, holidays, festivals or even anniversaries.

Here are some of my favourites so far:

Earth Day, 22nd April 2011 (Click to view the animated version!)

Chinese Arbor Day (Tree Planting Day), 12th March 2011

115th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays, 8th November 2010


Now, on to what I think are the best Google Doodles - when they honour and commemorate an important (dead or alive) person's birthday!

Karel Appel's 90th Birthday (Dutch painter, sculptor and poet), 25th April 2011

Roger Hargreaves' 76th Birthday (author and illustrator of the Mr.Men and Little Miss children's storybook series), 9th May 2011

Richard Trevithick's 240th Birthday (inventor of the high pressure steam engine), 13th April 2011


Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday (German scientist who developed the Bunsen burner), 31st March 2011

(Click to view the animated version!)

For the longest time ever, I've had this ambition (or dream, or goal, whichever you prefer) to be honoured with a Google Doodle..

Oh well, no one can stop me from dreaming! :)

*MY* Google Doodle would look like this:

Yunyeen Yong's 200th Birthday (sucker for all things shiny and fluffy), 2nd November 2189


Links / References:

Head over to Google Logos and explore their archive of Google Doodles!
(All Google Doodles except my own are sourced from here)

Additional information of honoured person(s) are sourced from


Ephraim Ritikos said...

Well done :) you will get there someday

AdamTam said...

UR GOOGLE DOODLE IS AWESOME! :D one day it'll be used to commemorate you im sure